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Silvergrass Capital Partners. Investments, growth, increase in value.


We invest in fast growing companies.
Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth in value of the business
and considerably higher exit price.

  • we invest financial and intellectual capital to achieve significant and sustainable growth in value of the business;
  • we work with founders of selected companies;

  • expected results of our engagement are increased value of the company and its better preparation for a transaction (sale, partial sale, capital increase);

  • we use proven methods, tested in practice;

  • over 20 years of experience gained through private equity/venture capital funds management, in capital markets transactions and work with portfolio companies;



Typical situations to consider our engagement:

  • growth management/growth acceleration:

    • geographic or product expansion of the business;
    • mergers and acquisitions;
    • increase in production capacity.
  • preparation to sell the business:

    • to strategic investor;
    • to financial investor (private equity fund/venture capital);
    • via IPO;
  • succession challenges;



We are a team of seasoned individuals with vast experience
in working with companies and shareholders
on increasing value and capital transactions.

Tomasz Piętka

His 22 years of professional experience includes: full cycle private equity/venture capital fund management, strategic M&A transactions and capital transactions advisory in Central and Eastern Europe with focus on Poland. Prior to founding Silvergrass Capital Partners, he spent 8 years with Enterprise Investors (PE/VC, Vice President), 3 years with bmp Poland (VC fund, Managing Director), 4 years with Computerland/Sygnity (IT, M&A Director) and 7 years worked as a business advisor. Personally participated in close to 100 capital transactions, in total was a member of 28 supervisory boards. His experience covers almost all sectors with focus on small and medium sized businesses. Tomasz is 45 years old. Before starting his career in business he was a professional football player.

We work with industrial experts with proven success track record in various business areas;



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